Great Beauty Gifts for Yourself

Portrait of a beautiful surprised woman with present box near a mirror. Photo in retro color style.

There are few better gifts than the gift of looking great. A new and better style can completely upgrade someone’s level of confidence. Still, buying beauty gifts can be tough if you’re not completely sure of a person’s likes and dislikes. Of course that’s what makes buying beauty gifts for yourself so much easier! You’re giving so much to others this year that you deserve to treat yourself too. Here’s some great beauty gifts you’ll want to hold on to.

New Makeup

If you’re like most women you have a set look and you tend to keep to it. The great thing about this season is that makeup manufacturers start putting out all kinds of box sets full of ranges of colours to try. Grab one and head online for a few tutorials on YouTube. You just might find a great new party look just in time for New Years.


Perfume is a fickle thing. It never smells the same in the bottle as it does on the skin so each one needs to be tried out. It’s a busy time at perfume counters but the deals will be there so see what appeals to your nose. Remember that you should have different fragrances for different environments – family get-together fragrances can be significantly different than something you would wear to the club.


There are those box sets again. This time they’re full of everything you need for beautiful skin. Balms, creams, cleansers, scrubbers, and oils. It’s likely you’ll have already have a pretty strong skin-care regimen but it never hurts to take a closer look at alternatives that might be an improvement.

A Gym Membership

Getting in better shape is more than beautifying – it can be transformative – allowing you to enjoy physical activities you might not have before you took the time to get a little more buff. When you hit the hiking trails or join that rec league you’ll thank yourself for the gift of time spent working out.

Of all the things to give yourself this holiday season the top of the list should be a commitment to put more emphasis on you. Take that vacation you wanted, go for those goals you’ve been putting off, and take the time out to indulge in a little luxury. If you’re looking to indulge in a spa day of facials, massages, and more contact us at May Blossom Spa today.