What is Lymphatic Massage?

Beautiful woman receiving a massage

There are many types of massage and nearly all of them have terrific benefits for relaxation, stress relief, increased blood flow, and muscle pain. Lymphatic massage is a specialty massage that can have extremely powerful therapeutic benefits for people afflicted with a disorder called lymphedema that causes pain and swelling. Lymphedema is caused when the lymphatic system – a vital part of the immune system – is disrupted by the removal or damage of lymph nodes. Lymph nodes can be damaged by radiation treatment, infection, or trauma, and can be removed in the process of many different kinds of surgery.

How Does it Help?

By using a simple light massage and taps on the surfaces of areas affected by lymphedema it can stimulate the flow of lymph – the fluid inside the lymphatic system – and encourage it to continue instead of stopping and accumulating. By doing this the swelling and pain will subside though it will likely take multiple massages – on average four or so a week with results in the first week and a stabilization by the second.

When Should It Not Be Done?

For those close to their surgeries, lymphatic massage is best avoided until their condition has stabilized somewhat and their physician gives the okay. People with infections or increased risk of blood clotting should not have lymphatic massage nor should those with congestive heart failure as moving fluid around the body could have adverse effects on their condition. It’s important to note that if any pain is experienced the massage should be stopped immediately – lymphatic massage is meant to be painless – so if it occurs wait for it the pain to dissipate or see a doctor if it continues.

I Don’t Have Lymphedema. Should I get a Lymphatic Massage?

The short answer is no. Lymphatic massage is intended for those who suffer from Lymphedema and involves a very light touch. For most people a standard medium to hard pressure massage will be far more therapeutic and enjoyable than lymphatic massage.

Lymphatic massage is a helpful tool for those dealing with an uncomfortable and painful ailment. If you require lymphatic massage or are seeking the beneficial results that come with regular massage contact us at May Blossom Spa today.