The Benefits of Mindfulness


Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years. Beginning as part of the process of meditation and spirituality of the east it has come to Canada and is being practiced by people of all kinds and beliefs. So what is it? Mindfulness is becoming fully aware of the moment – being completely immersed in a nonjudgmental experience of the present – of being cognisant of one’s own stream of consciousness.

This might still be somewhat confusing. Imagine sitting on your carpet in your bedroom. Your normal experience in your bedroom is to use it for its purpose – sleeping or changing clothes or putting away laundry etc. To be mindful of your bedroom is to allow yourself to sense the moment as you sit on that carpet – the sunbeam cutting in from the window, the dust in the sunbeam, the quiet hum of your vent, and the soft singing of birds outside – to allow yourself to feel that interplay of the elements of that space and experience it in a greater way than you normally would.

Practicing mindfulness – and it will take practice – will make it easier for you to obtain a mindful state and to begin to see the world and yourself in a way that can be very different than you did previously and there are many benefits to that.

  • Lower stress. The more mindful you are, the less stress you will feel.
  • Self-analysis. Mindfulness will let you get to know yourself better – let you see yourself not as you wish you were or how others see you but your full truthful self. This will enable you to better yourself on a fundamental level.
  • Greater self-control. Mindfulness helps the brain be better at dealing with pain and emotion by strengthening our mental control through greater focus.
  • It can help with depression. Studies have shown that mindfulness yoga and meditation have assisted pregnant women and teens with depression. Of course, if you are suffering from serious depression you should seek help from a physician.
  • You can sleep better. Mindfulness training not only helps us control our moods but can also relax more easily and have higher quality sleep.

Mindfulness has many benefits and if you feel like it might be right for you, take the time and learn a little about it, it might be well worth the effort. If, however, you’re looking to lower your stress level through other means like a massage or facial come and be pampered at May Blossom Spa today.