Nails and Your Health


We spend a lot of time making sure our nails look great. We know that healthy looking and vibrant nails not only look terrific but say something about you. They say that if you take care of your nails, you take care of the rest of you too. What you may not know is that your nails can very literally be a reflection of your health – in fact many health disorders will express themselves through your nails. So keep an eye out for these issues and if they crop up see a doctor immediately.

  • Diabetes. If your nails are yellowish but have a slight blush at the base it could be indicative of diabetes. Additionally vertical ridges that that look like dripping could indicate the same. Those ridges are also indicative of hormonal changes, thyroid problems, or even stress.
  • Infection. Yellow nails that are particularly thick could be a sign of a fungal infection – especially in your toes. If they’re thick and growing slowly it might also be due to lung diseases like emphysema.
  • Kidney Disease. This disorder may appear with half white and half pink nails.
  • Heart Disease. Red nail beds are an indicator of heart disease, as are spoon nails (they’ll look like they’ve been scooped out). Spoon nails mean you’re not getting enough iron and that means your nails aren’t receiving it in the blood supply. It’s also indicative of hypothyroidism.
  • Melanoma. For some people vertical dark bands on their nails are a regular occurrence but a new or changing band could mean a potentially deadly skin cancer called melanoma.

There are other indicators of disease that can pop up on your nails – white nails for example may mean liver disease or hepatitis – but it’s crucial to remember that your nails will rarely be the first indicator of problems. If you’re not feeling well for any reason looking to your nails is not the answer – see a doctor immediately.

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