Oneness – Healing the Mind through the Body


Often, when people speak of the mind and the body, they refer to them as though they are separate. This is often useful for explanatory purposes, but it’s always important to remember that despite the fact that our consciousness feels in some ways separate from our physical bodies – as when dreaming or imagining – they are, of course, intertwined. The division, between mind and body, is in many ways entirely artificial. If you haven’t eaten in a while you’ll get cranky, and if your brain is working overtime worrying about something you’re unlikely to get relaxed enough to sleep.

While there are ways to use your mind to help heal your body, primarily through meditation, for this article we will deal with ways to heal the mind through the body. Before we go any further, it’s important to remember that the issues we’ll be discussing do not fall into the realms of serious disorders such as depression. For clinical psychological issues, always consult a medical professional.

Now, here are three problems of the mind that can be at least partly addressed through the body.

Fuzzy Thinking

Ever had a long day where you are just sitting in one place, unwilling to move, and all your thoughts seem to be sluggish and without pep. There are two possible reasons for that, the first is lack of sleep, and the second is lack of food energy.   Nutrition is crucial to keeping your mind in operation – nuts and other healthier snack options will restore your mental wakefulness. Caffeine and energy products may assist with a short-term boost, but for longer term clarity of thought, follow a healthy diet.

Lack of Confidence

While confidence undoubtedly surges from within there is no doubt that looking better will boost it. While a new set of clothes can certainly make you feel like a new person, there are other methods of beautification that can be taken. Facials, especially, can rejuvenate the skin and take years off your face, and if you look younger in the mirror, you’ll feel younger too.


Perhaps the biggest issue of the mind we all face on a daily basis.   The whole hectic world, work and social, bang around inside our minds until all that’s left is a miasma of confusion and frustration.   For relieving stress there is truly nothing better than a massage – with relaxation techniques correctly applied to the body, the stress will melt away, enabling a new perspective and focus to take hold.

Regardless of what stresses your mind is under, remember that serenity of thought is often just a day at the spa away.   If you are looking to beautify yourself or cast away the unfortunate stress of your life, join us at May Blossom Spa, and we’ll do everything we can to help.