Removing Unwanted Hair

A hand touching beautiful woman's legs isolated on white background

Getting rid of hair in the areas where you don’t want it can be a constant challenge. Keeping your arms, legs and bikini line clear of follicles is time-consuming but essential to the attractive look of smooth skin. There are numerous ways to cut down on unwanted hair and they all differ in convenience, cost, pain, and effectiveness.


This is usually most people’s first step in hair removal. Using a razor to clear away hair is generally quick and relatively simple with little in the way of side effects. The old myth that shaved hair grows back twice as thick isn’t true but shaving has an obvious downside – it only lasts about 1-3 days.


Tweezing lasts longer since you’re pulling hairs out by the root via tweezers. Since each hair is being dealt with individually the process can be time consuming. It’s best to concentrate on small areas of the face like your eyebrows.


Depilatory creams work by dissolving the proteins that make up the hair. Generally you don’t want to use these on your face but they also can have issues with coarser body hair. The hair can stay away for a couple of weeks but make sure to follow the instructions – if left too long the cream can cause the skin to burn.


Laser hair removal is becoming popular since it can have very long-lasting effects. There are issues however including it being ineffective on white or blond hair, taking multiple (6-12) treatments along with touch ups, and the potential for burning or scarring.


The downside of waxing is well known. The treatment can be painful. Beyond that it offers hair free skin for up to six weeks and over multiple sessions your hair will grow back softer or may not grow back at all. Waxing also works great all over the body and the face as well.

Getting rid of unwanted hair comes with a lot of options but you need to choose which one is right for you. If you’d like to try the smooth skin that comes with waxing you should seek out a professional. May Blossom Spa will be happy to help you with your waxing needs. Contact us today.