How to Prepare Yourself for Stressful Situations

christmas shopping - woman tired. Funny image of woman exhausted from Christmas sales. Young Asian woman wearing Santa hat.

As the holidays approach we get ourselves ready for friends, family, and good cheer. We also get ready for long lines, crowded malls, and the potential for family drama. The good outweighs the bad but that doesn’t mean the negative aspects can be endured without anxiety. The key to happy holidays is keeping the stress away and here are some tips to help make that happen.

De-Stress in Advance

Before you start taking care of that big list of tasks start by taking care of yourself. Do what you can to drain away the stress you already have before getting into a series of tension-building circumstances. Hit the gym or the yoga mat, take some time to meditate and centre yourself, and deal with any lingering issues at work or home. You know you’re going to be busy so relax early – head for the spa and get the facial and mani-pedi to get yourself looking great, and have a therapeutic massage to get yourself feeling great.

Be Mindful

Try to be in the moment when stress strikes. Be mindful of other people’s wants and desires and try to keep perspective. Yes, someone may be rude at a store, but they may be under just as much stress as you are only without the proper tools to deal with it. If you think you know the perfect gift for someone and you just can’t find it understand that there are more important things. Re-centre yourself and try to find something else that they’ll love.

Take a Quiet Break

Do not attempt to treat stressful encounters like you are a soldier on a battlefield. You do not need to endure one hundred percent of the time. Back away from the tumult of shopping or the raised tensions of a family get-together and take some quiet time for yourself. Grab a coffee or even just sit in silence and try to clear your thoughts. Get back to it when you’re ready.

The holidays can be as stressful as they are fun so remember to keep your head right so you can get through it with a minimum of anxiety. And, once you’re through it, you can book another appointment at the spa. If you’re looking to lower your stress level, either before or after the holidays, contact us at May Blossom Spa today.