Tips for Winter Skincare

Portrait of beautiful girl with frost on face

It’s getting close to the official start of winter though some days it feels like we’re already there. The bite of wind can chill you to your core and relief won’t be coming for months (unless you’re lucky enough to go on vacation). When you’re hit with the cold and dryness winter has on offer your skin can suffer so it’s important to remember some basic tips that will keep your outer layer smooth and soft until the ice melts.


This is one of the more crucial aspects. You’re going to want to moisturize a lot more often in the winter but you should go with an oil-based moisturizer, not water based to coat your skin in a protective layer. That layer will retain far more moisture than a normal moisturizing lotion or cream would. If you’d really like to protect against dry air you can put small humidifiers in rooms throughout your house to keep the humidity up.


Drink more water. Truth be told this is good advice for everyone in any season. Keeping properly hydrated will not only keep your skin soft and moist but it helps your overall health in many ways. Your organs will function better, various bodily systems will operate more efficiently, and your brain will work faster too. Water. It’s important.

Protect Your Skin

That cold air can play havoc if it directly contacts your skin which is why it needs to be protected. Gloves are important for shielding the hands. Likely you’ll be wearing boots but make sure to use a pair with reasonable breathability – if your feet get too dry they’ll crack but if they stay too moist for too long your skin will peel. Additionally you may want to add sunscreen for on sunny days as even in winter the sun can be harsh and even more so when the glare from snow is added.

These are a good start for keeping your skin healthy on even the coldest of months. Remember: Don’t let winter get you down – you can look great regardless of the season. If you’re looking for a little assistance in the skincare department this winter we offer great options for facials at May Blossom Spa. Contact us today.