Wellness Stocking Stuffers

Stuffed stockings hanging on a fireplace on christmas morning

In this holiday season it’s a time for giving to others, and what better way to show your appreciation than by giving gifts that help them soothe their mind and body? While this is the time for giving you need not wait to present these to others – they make terrific gift ideas all year round. Here are some great items for anyone with an interest in wellness.

Meditative Media

All steps to bettering oneself start with knowledge. You can give the gift of that knowledge through books of both the physical and electronic varieties. Look for books with basics on wellness and mindfulness and offer to help them practice the exercises within. Music can be an important part of stress relief as well so look for music that can be best used as an aid to mediation or learning.

Aromatic Pleasures

Part of mindfulness is filling your senses and so it helps to have a little aromatic assistance. Incense works great as it has traditionally for hundreds of years. For a newer take there are scented candles available in a variety of scents to remind one of everything from lilac to cotton candy.

Increasing Warmth

Even in our own minds it can be hard to keep the harsh winter chill out so a little help warming up helps quite a bit. From something as simple as toe socks to keep your feet toasty as you do yoga to a quick soak in the hot tub – there are great ways to brush away the cold. When all else fails, you can brew yourself a cup of tea – that way you can warm up and get a nice dose of antioxidants.

Stuffing stockings can be easy and helpful if you’re doing it with gifts to help someone feel better both mentally and physically. Of course, if you’re looking to get them on the right foot, you can bring them down to a place where they can get a therapeutic massage along with an array of beautification options. Contact May Blossom Spa today and get yourself and your friends on the road to wellness.